Wednesday, September 21, 2011

inspired by DIAN PELANGI

hahax wanna know sumtin?? im wearin tudung 4 my collegue dinner..! hahax ni sume sbb downg wat themes of busana muslimah....^^ tpi ade je yg xpkai tudung,tah pape tah downg neyh...watever..=_='
anyway...its my 1st tyme changing my style in wearing tudung,mcm da stated kat ats tuh...inspired by dian pelangi.. lau kowng tgk pix dye...confirm kowng akan automatically says ''Waaaaaahhh,cantik nye dye....''^^ wanna bet? hehehx u can follow up her here..

p/s : below is sum of her pieces..^^

p/s n diz is mine..huhux

juz me wit echamohtar..^^Y

...<3 bby blogger <3...