Saturday, April 2, 2011

short sem sucks!

oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! its almost d end of diz sem!!!
but my test 2 still didnt ended yet...what theeee......?? come on la lolly,u can do it gurl!! aauuuww!!
i've jez passed my eco is my hafazan,far 150 n Qmt 181... i hope i can passed it easily n do my best..
^^....then my final test will start on 23 of april..n ended on 30 of april.... yeeeaaayy!! hahahax
tapi kan...tyme nk exam ni laa...mcm2 jadi...ish3.... npe laa sume antu2 kt kampus ni nk kua tyme nk exam??
hahahax oh my god!! i should afraid of it..ya think? huhu
it almost evry week i heard dat sum1 will b posesses.. damn!! 
...miz lollypop...

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